Portrait Photography

Portraiture Is The Art Of Capturing The Essence And Vitality Of A Subject. There's More To A Good Portrait Than Just Saying “Cheese.”

At Ashcraft Studio our aim is to focus on the subject's face in a portrait. However, this does not mean that the person’s body or even the background won’t be included. Sometimes the perfect background gives context to an image.

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In some cases, the environment can define a moment. We bring a “portable studio” of equipment to stage the perfect shot in your special location.



With a 3000 square-foot professional in-house studio, we aren’t subject to the whims of the weather to get your portrait just right. Our classic in-studio techniques, developed over decades, capture the sparkle in your eye that makes the difference between an image and art.

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Portraiture isn't just about people. Our portraiture techniques are also applied to all sorts of precious objects, including family heirlooms, tokens of achievement, and remarkable artifacts. Knowing how to stage and light various materials and finishes is key to capturing the character of your special items.